Raise The Bar

This is a program designed to progressively increase your ability to reach the next level in your fitness goals. With simple instruction and intentional progressions applied in a monthly program design, you will be amazed at the progress you are able to make. You decide your destination, I have created a map. All you have to do is continue to drive.

You will learn and apply over the course of the transformation:

  • The 7 Primal Movement Patterns and How to Modify
  • Proper Iron Work in the Gym or at Home
  • Progressive Body Weight Exercises to Build Function
  • The 4 Pillars to the Program: "The Elements" 
  • Proper Nutrition in its Simplest Form
  • Proper Hydration and Breathing Techniques Efficient and Effective Ways to Master Your Metabolism

What's In This Program?

      Body Building

   Build lean muscle while shedding fat. Learn proper form as well as program design to optimize muscle mass.

        Sprint Work

Increase both speed and power with efficiency and technique as well as add natural HGH & testosterone to burn fat.

Athletic Conditioning

Improve athletic performance with total  body conditioning and a focus on form.

  Functional Fitness

Learn proper muscle movement patterns for peak performance as well as daily life.

Monthly Members

This program is built around accountability. Gather up a few of your closest "boys" and Join the YOBOY Community.

With Your Membership You Will Receive:

  • Each Progressive Program Delivered To You Monthly
  • Tips and Tutorials To Maximize Your Results.
  • Nutritional Plans That Can Be Adjusted To Your Lifestyle Choices.
  • Inspiration and focus Tools To Empower Your Mindset.
  • A Simple Follow Along Printout For Each Workout Cycle.
  • Direct Line To The Coach To Answer Any Questions or Adjustments Needed to Reach Your Success.
  • A Community Of Like Minded Men Focused On Transforming Together.
  • Memories and Information That Will Last A Lifetime! 


By The Way: Ladies...We Haven't Left You Stranded On The Road!

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